Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Today is Pancake Tuesday, my second favourite day of the year (after Christmas), so of course this morning, I made pancakes! Below is step by step how I created a plate of perfection.

1. I laid the ingredients out as shown

I used 1 small bowl of flour

1/2 a bowl of caster sugar

And 1 egg

2. I placed all the ingredients into a large bowl 

3. I mixed the ingredients to achieve a mixture of a crumbly consistency

4. I then added as much milk as needed to achieve a light runny mixture (roughly 1 cup)

5. I then poured this into a pan with a splash of oil

6. These were then cooked to perfection and stacked onto a plate with some squares of butter on top

I made three medium/large thin pancakes from this recipe and they were delicious! Of course the size and thickness is a personal choice and the pancakes can be created as you like them.

Happy pancake making! 

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